How to keep track of your tinnitus

If you suffer from tinnitus or constant ringing in ears and seek treatment for this condition, you will be asked these questions:

“How often do you suffer from tinnitus?”
“When did you first notice your problem?”
“Is it worse when you eat certain foods?”
“How often do you have sleepless nights over this problem?”

This is some of the informations the doctor will ask and use to help him or her to make that diagnosis and treatment plan for you. I would say most of the time, patients do not know the answers to these questions. They never thought about when this symptom started bothering them; they just know it does. They probably have not keep track of how many times this issue has flares up; they just know it will happen. This is why keeping a journal or a log will help when it comes to the treatment that you are looking for. A journal can help by allowing many issues to be written down as you experience them. This will definitely take all the guessworks out of answering all the questions that you know your doctor will ask when you see them. For example, when you start taking any types of medications for this problem,  a good way of knowing your progress is by keeping track of them. This is when your journal comes in. In a way, it will also help you to remember your current medications as well as those you no longer take. Mark my work, your doctor will definitely love this as it becomes more easier for him or her to look into your current problem as this may help him to point out any reasons for your tinnitus.

So, how do you go about keeping a journal to help yourself as well as your doctor. First of all, what you need is a notebook, doesn’t matter the size, as long something that you can get around with and few extra more pages won’t hurt. Trust me, from experience, you can use a fair bit of pages here. This will be used as your journal and you can start writing down anything related to your tinnitus. You can divide the pages into days. This way you can log in daily informations and happenings easily. For example, you can put in the following informations to see if there is a pattern of changes to your tinnitus and anything you do on a regular basis that can make it worse:-

  • What you eat – Write down everything that you have eaten or drank for the day,  from the time you wake up until you go to bed.
  • What medications you are taking at the present moment, any type of exercise that you do, or any new habits or new treatements that you may be trying. Remember to write this down in your journal daily.
  • Keep track of your pain levels too, if this associates with your tinnitus.
  • Is the weather has anything to do with your symptoms? Is it more worse in winter, for example?
  • What other symptoms have you experienced on top of tinnitus?

There are many things you may notice in this process and its absolutely important for you to write this down in your journal. If nothing is bothering you on a particular day, then just write down how you feel on the day. Hope these tips help.


A full time doctor and part time internet blogger, I enjoy writing and researching for good quality articles, guides and tips on the most common health related topics.

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